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School Resources for Education: Part 1

Schools have an increasing reliance on IT and online systems which makes cyber security an important consideration. As a result, a number of free resources have been made available to the education sector to help schools understand the information, resources and services available to improve their cyber security.

The NCSC resources are grouped for the following audiences in a school or education settings, the latest advice covers Governing boards and senior leaders, and School Staff.

Governing board and senior leaders

Questions for the governing body and trustees to ask school leaders, to help improve a school’s understanding of its cyber security risks.

If you want to deepen your discussions at board level, this resource is designed to encourage essential cyber security discussions between the Board and their technical experts. It is relevant for anyone who is accountable for an organisation in any sector.

The impact of a ransomware attack on an organisation can be devastating. This NCSC blog, explains the basics of ransomware, and suggests relevant questions that board members might want to ask their technical experts to help drive great cyber resilience against these types of attacks.

School Staff

The NCSC has produced free cyber security training to raise awareness and help school staff manage some of the key cyber threats facing schools. The training is available in two formats: a scripted presentation pack and a self-learn video. A certificate can be downloaded at the end of the training. You can access downloadable copies of the cyber security information cards for schools. These cards have been designed to help all those who work in schools understand what cyber security is, how it’s relevant and what steps they can take to raise their school’s resilience to cyber incidents.

Early Years education and childcare settings, like most other work environments, are increasingly reliant on technology. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take steps to protect these devices (and the data we store on them) from accidental damage, or from online criminals.

These ‘practical tips’ have been produced in association with NEN (The Education Network), and are full of advice about what you can do to keep schools safe from cyber-attacks or incidents. They also explain some of the major cyber security risks schools face, and how they could be targeted. You can download and print your own set of cyber security “practical tips” from the NCSC website.

Exciting interactive online security resources for 7-11 year olds with supporting resources. All of the resources, and the CyberSprinters game, focus around conveying key messages to children and will help them to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in crucial areas.


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