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New NCSC Basic Cyber Security Check

The NCSC have recently launched their Security Check website. This website holds a number of NCSC created tools that allow you to check the security of your IP Address and web browser with plans to incorporate the current NCSC Email security check and to develop a new Website Content Management System check.

The IP security check is able to check publicly available IP Addresses for poor security configurations like exposing File Transfer Protocol, Remote Desktop Protocol, TELNET, MySQL, NetBIOS, Server Message Block and Virtual Network Computing to the open internet. Exposing these configurations to the internet could open your business up to a multitude of different cyber attacks including ransomware and data exfiltration. The website also contains a short video explaining what an IP address is and why it should be protected. You can also set up a notification service so if your business uses dynamic IP addresses you can be notified to check them when they change.

The Web browser check will check the current web browser application and check if it is out of date and if there are any vulnerabilities associated with it. It also explains why keeping your web browser up to date is important and includes a notification service so you can remind yourself to check your browser regularly.

This NCSC service is currently in beta and they are very keen to receive feedback on this new service so that they can make improvements.

The Link to the service is here: Check Your Cyber Security (



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