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NCSC Cyber Resilience Exercising Tool webinar

Our colleagues at the National Cyber Security Centre, which is part of GCHQ, are inviting UK businesses and organisations to a free webinar to help better prepare and protect themselves from ransomware and other cyber attacks. The Digital Loft (aka webinar) takes place on Tuesday 12 April at 10am and will see experts from the NCSC demonstrate their free tool, Exercise in a Box, which any sized organisation can use.

The webinar is part of the ongoing work of the NCSC to tackle the threat from ransomware and to bolster the cyber resilience of the UK in light of events in Ukraine. While the NCSC is not aware of any specific cyber threats to UK organisations in relation to the Russian invasion, there is a heightened risk of hostile cyber activity. In the last year, two in five UK businesses were subject to some form of cyber-attack or attempted breach.

The event is open to any UK business or organisation and we would encourage you to register.



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