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Microsoft, Apple & Google Team Up on Passwordless Standard

Some of the world's biggest tech companies have announced plans to support the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium standard which makes it easier for websites and apps to deliver end-to-end passwordless authentication via fingerprint, face scan or a PIN number.

This common passwordless sign-in standard could finally be the end of static credentials for many users.

All three companies already support passwordless sign ins, however users previously had to sign in to each website or service separately before they could use it.

The new standard would enable users to automatically access their FIDO sign in on their devices, including new ones without needing to re-enroll each account. They will also be able to use a mobile device to sign in to apps or websites on nearby devices aslong as they were supported.

Ultimately, this means those using Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS and any associated browsers such as Chrome or Safari, will soon be able to say goodbye to using passwords permanently.

From a security standpoint, this new technology could potentially eliminate the risks of Phishing, replay attacks and pretty much every form of password theft. Due to its security by design approach, the cryptographic login credentials never leave the device.

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