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Google Chrome 0-Day Bugs - Update Your Browser Now!

On the 14th February Google rolled out a security update to fix 8 issues within its Chrome Browser. These attacks are being actively exploited in real-world attacks.

These updates address CVE-2022-0609 is described as a use-after-free exploit which can be used to cause a program to crash or execute code.

Other fixed issues include CVE-2022-0604 which is a heap buffer overflow exploit.

These exploits can be used to potentially introduce malware to any computer connected to the internet, and means attackers can potentially even read data without permission.

The advice is to update your browser now to mitigate against these threats. Google has now patched these vulnerabilities and recommends that you update to version 98.0.4758.102 or higher.

The good news is, Google Chrome usually automatically updates when you close it. So it is likely already up to date. However, if you haven't closed down Chrome in a few days, we would recommend you check the version number and do so immediately.



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