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Are you prepared for the long haul on Russia-Ukraine?

The NCSC assesses the cyber threat to the UK as a result of the conflict remains heightened and organisations are urged to not let their guard down and to consult the new guidance to prepare for the long-term resilience.

It advises that increased workloads for cyber security staff over an extended period can harm wellbeing and lead to lower productivity, with a potential rise in unsafe behaviours or errors.

Accelerating planned action to harden networks and improve resilience capabilities will relieve pressure on your workforce over the long-term. The NCSC has published guidance that can help with this, including:

An extended period of heightened cyber threat may reflect long-term shifts in adversary capability or intent and so you may need to strengthen your cyber security and resilience on a permanent basis.

The recommended actions in the guidance include:

  • Getting the basics right by following ‘actions to take when the cyber threat is heightened’ guidance;

  • Revisiting risk-based decisions taken during the initial phase of heightened threat;

  • Empowering cyber staff to make day-to-day decisions about the threat response without requiring additional oversight;

  • Ensuring workloads are spread evenly across individuals and teams and that frontline cyber staff can take breaks to recharge;

  • And accelerating planned action to harden networks and boost defence capabilities

While this guidance focuses on staff most exposed to the response, during a period of heightened cyber threat the whole workforce has a role to play in strengthening an organisation's cyber defences.



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