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Action Fraud Has Launched a New Service for Deaf Users Who Use British Sign Language

We are excited to share that last Friday, Action Fraud launched a new service for Deaf users who use British Sign Language (BSL), by increasing accessibility for victims of fraud and cybercrime working in partnership with SignVideo. Deaf users can now contact us via their mobile device using the SignVideo app. This connects them to an interpreter from the SignVideo relay service who will interpret the call through to the Action Fraud Contact Centre.

Deaf BSL users are a distinct language group with its own form of communication. BSL community face a problem if the service they wish to use is not available in BSL. BSL is a language in its own right and has a different structure to English. Deaf people who use BSL regard English as their second language and some may struggle to read complex written English.

By providing deaf BSL users a choice to contact us through the SignVideo service, we are empowering them. This is a huge step in accessibility for people who up until now have been unable to access our service.

All Sign Video Interpreters are NRCPD Qualified (this takes 7 years to achieve) As a further requirement all SignVideo Interpreters have a minimum of 3years community practitioning experience. This gives them further breadth and depth with their Interpreting skills.

For further information, please see the Action Fraud website - Action Fraud teams up with SignVideo | Action Fraud



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