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Your Local Protect Team

Justin Mekkaoui
Cyber Protect Officer

My name is Justin Mekkaoui, and I have been with the Cyber Crime Department since March 2022. I have had a wide range of careers prior to joining Lincolnshire Police, ranging from sales, banking, recruitment and property lettings management.


I have been with Lincolnshire Police since 2006. I started as a Police Community Support Officer in Louth and have also been a Police Officer working on response in Skegness, Mablethorpe, Horncastle and Louth for a short period of time.


I decided to join the cyber-crime department as I have a huge interest in technology & helping victims with aspects of their cyber security needs.


Whilst technology is fantastic if used in the right way, cybercrime is an ever-evolving industry, and I thrive on the ability and opportunity to support individuals and businesses to protect themselves online.

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