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Device Security

Why does device security matter?

Many everyday items are now connected to the internet: we explain how to use them safely.

All devices and online accounts require the highest security level. Follow these important security steps here.

  • Smart phones: We use our mobile phone for lots of things nowadays, including banking and diary management. If your phone isn't protected by security, losing your phone could mean thieves get access to your personal information. 


Protect your phone by reviewing the below relevant settings: 

  • Apple:

  1. Find my iPhone activation lock.

  2. Use Touch ID.

  3. Use lost mode.

  4. How to disable control center on the lock screen.

  • Google:

  1. Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device. Login here: Android Device Manager

  2. Make your account more secure.

  3. Set screen lock on an Android device.

  • Samsung:

  1. Find my Samsung mobile.

  2. Make your account more secure.

  • Huawei:

  1. Manage Your Privacy


  • Apps and games: For a breakdown of everything you need to know click hereHere you can select 'view this guide' and then select 'click here to download'. You will then be required to sign-up once to view all relevant guides/posters available.

  • How to set up parental controls with BSL hereFor other parental control support Internet Matters offer the best advice and information available to help you engage in your child’s online life and manage the risks they may face online covering all kinds of content from age 0-14+. Parent Zone is another great website packed full of information and resources. Common Sense Media run an app review page, and as we mentioned earlier you can read about apps, how they work and decide if they are appropriate or not.

Should you come across any suspected online abuse imagery or videos, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) gives people a safe and anonymous place to report it. The IWF works tirelessly to remove this kind of content from the internet to make it a safer place for everyone. 


You can make a smart device purchases with your eyes open and important features/advice. Use the links below to read more information:

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