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Omicron Phishing Emails

A new Omicron phishing email has been identified, online fraudsters have reacted quickly to news, with a carefully crafted phishing email campaign. The email is designed to appear as if sent from the NHS, and urges recipients to get a new PCR test for the Omicron variant.

Two separate versions of the same email feature a link and a legitimate-looking “get it now” button. “The fake email uses the sender email address as ‘’

This email address may seem authentic, but it has nothing to do with the genuine NHS.

As well as falsely claiming that the new COVID variant requires new test kits, the email invites reader to visit the site shown in the above image. The link goes to the web address – ‘’ — which is a copycat of the NHS website set up just days ago.

The phishing site then asks users to enter their full name, date of birth, address, mobile number, and email address, as well as their mother’s maiden name – which scammers could use to craft follow-on identity fraud attacks.

It also asks for a small payment of £1.24 for ‘delivery’ – presumably, if users proceed with this they will also have their bank card details stolen.

The NHS will never ask for your card details!



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