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Kirsty Jackson
Cyber Protect & Prevent Officer

Kirsty has been a Cyber Protect & Prevent Officer for Nottinghamshire police since August 2018.


Kirsty initially joined the force in February 2018 as a Fraud & Cyber Protect Assistant where she helped set up Op Signature/Fraud Protect processes whilst supporting and protecting victims of Fraud and Cyber enabled crime.


Kirsty began her career at CapitalOne working across various Fraud areas and the Business Risk Controls and Oversight Team for 13 years within the company.
Kirsty now covers the Protect and Prevent strands of the 4 P’s strategy. As part of the Cyber Protect network, Kirsty delivers tailored protect advice to all Victims of Cyber Dependent Crime across Nottinghamshire. Kirsty will also work proactively to respond to local developing trends. 
As part of the Cyber Prevent network Kirsty delivers the Cyber Choices programme across Nottinghamshire by mentoring children and young adults on the cusp of criminality to help avoid further Computer Misuse Act offences from being committed. 
Kirsty has completed various training to equip her with the knowledge and skills to deliver her role.

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